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About Work and Travel USA

Work and Travel USA is a student exchange program, regulated by the US State Department. This program is the best option for all international full time students to visit USA, to work legally in the country, to gain experience, to explore American culture and lifestyle. The students are allowed to work for up to four months in the US during their summer vacation and this allows them to cover their travel expenses and to save a good amount of money.
The program is designed so that overseas students can become more than tourists, experiencing life in the US firsthand by working alongside US citizens for up to four months, having up to a month to travel anywhere in the US.

Work and Travel program features:
• Work permit for 4 months / within the period May - October/;
• Secured  job placements with reliable US companies, operating mainly in the tourist industry: hotels, restaurants, amusement and national parks, stores, gift shops;
• Possibility to find a second job;
• 30-days tourist period after the completion of the working period


WAT-with-US is the Work and Travel program, especially designed for you by Usit Colours.
Through the years we have improved and upgraded it, so it can suits you best.
This is what makes Usit Colours the N1 selling Work and Travel Agency on Bulgarian Market for many years!

To “Work and Travel”, apart from being a fashion, has become one of the essences of student life. What is more, the “work and travel” program provides the best way to make good money in one summer, to live independently for several months, and to make new contacts and friends.
And, last but not least, there is no better chance for one to travel around USA and go to the places you have always dreamed visiting.

There are many reasons to choose WATwithUS – the Usit Colours’ Work and Travel program. Find out the main:

If anybody from your university has bought the whole Work and Travel package (program fee, insurance, SEVIS fee, job placement, airplane ticket, everything) cheaper than you, we will refund you the difference and additional 50% of it as compensation! We can hardly think of anything beyond this guarantee that could make someone’s offer more irresistible than ours.

ONLY Usit Colours offers you to pay your program fees on an installment plan.
Manage your program payments according to your budget, get your work permit DS2019 and your visa before paying the whole program fee.*
Contact our WAT consultants for details.

Full service in preparing all visa documents and paying the applicable fees. Get your complimentary service package:
• Full service in preparing all visa documents;
• Payment of visa interview fee in Usit Colours office – no need to go to Union bank and wait for hours on the line;
• Passport delivery in Usit Colours office – no need to spend couple of days at home, just waiting for the courier;
• Full refund of visa interview fee in case of visa;
• Full refund of program fee in case of visa refusal.

With WAT-with-US you get also:
• Easy and simple enrolment procedures;
• Fast  issuance of work permit DS 2019 which allows legal work in the USA;
• WAT Independent – Travel to US without a prearranged job;
• Job  assistance -  join our “face to face” or “online”  Job Fairs, or use our job searching engine;
• American insurance, with a doubled coverage than the official requirements;
• Help and advice throughout the whole program;
• 24 hours emergency line throughout the program;
• Online profile to track your program status and updates;
• Free online registration for the program;
• Online pre-departure orientation with useful information for your stay in the USA;
• Travel arrangements from BG or your home country - the best fares for plane tickets, as well as domestic travel arrangements;
• Flexible payment options: via Internet, via POS devices in our offices, via bank or in cash;
• Free Internet access in all our offices;

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